Journal Articles

“Beyond Internalization: Alternate Endings of the Norm Life Cycle.” International Studies Quarterly. Forthcoming

“Star Wars or Strategic Defense Initiative: What’s in a name?” Journal of Global Security Studies. Forthcoming.

“The Dynamics of Dissent: When Actions are Louder than Words.” International Affairs. Forthcoming. I am the co-author of this symposium introduction and co-editor of the symposium (with Lea Wisken).

Blog Posts

Bizarre, strange or last straw? Slideshows in International Relations, May 8, 2018, The Oxford Politics Blog (OxPol).

Even more unpredictable: Trump’s U-turn on Syria, April 8, 2017, The Oxford University Politics Blog (OxPol)

Trump’s Impact on International Relations, November 21, 2016, OxPol

Book Review

“The Force of Popular Culture Awakens: Hollywood, the National Security State and Star Wars.” Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding, pp.1-5.

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